Playing James Bond

Posted by Bookfool (Mississippi, United States) on 22 July 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

I completely forgot I hadn't loaded this photo of kiddo running through the smoke from our fireworks. We tried this on the first night and I wasn't paying attention to my memory card. Oops, ran out of space so I wasn't able to shoot a single frame. Then, a piece broke off the lighter and that was that; we saved the remaining fireworks for another day.

The next day, I had exactly one chance at this shot. The moon was hiding behind clouds, which causes trouble with my Sony. If it doesn't "see" the amount of light needed, it won't release the shutter at all -- so there's a horrible delay factor. I had the camera in shutter-preferred mode. Going fully manual might have prevented the problem; I learned some good lessons in lighting with my camera, this year, and I'll probably encourage the guys to buy twice as many fireworks in 2010, so I can play. That will be a switch, since I'm generally the chicken and try to discourage buying too many explosives!! This was our very last smoke bomb. My single shot is very, very noisy but I like the effect.

Sony DSLR-A700
1/20 second
ISO 250
112 mm (35mm equiv.)

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