Buckle up, please

Posted by Bookfool (Mississippi, United States) on 13 July 2009 in Miscellaneous.

Apologies to everyone for my absence. I'll probably be away from Animus3 for a while longer, as I over-booked myself for reviews on the book blog, but I thought I should share this photo from Saturday. My 17-year-old son was in an automobile accident as he drove to work on Saturday and his car was totaled. This is a shot of the car as it was getting hooked up for towing. He was hit by a van that ran a red light (the other driver claims his brakes went out) and, miraculously, walked away from the accident with minor injuries -- cuts from the glass (there is no glass left in that driver's-side window), a little goose egg on his head and some minor soreness.

I had to go clean out the interior of the car, today, mostly to seek out his glasses. Son is a lifeguard and had prescription sunglasses with lenses that clipped inside; they were flung apart on impact. Seeing the inside of the car really brought home just what a miracle it is that he walked away. The steering wheel was broken, plastic bits from the driver's side shattered and flung throughout the car, glass everywhere. There was maybe a foot left for his legs. It's hard to believe that he didn't even get a scratch on his left leg or arm.

If you're a praying person, please send up a prayer of thanks for my son's life. And, wear your safety belt. My engineer husband said the impact was so severe that if our son had not been buckled up, he would have been thrown out the opposite window. Our thanks to God for sparing our child's life.

Sony DSLR-A700
1/320 second
ISO 200
112 mm (35mm equiv.)

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