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Faon on Gentle
soooo cute !!!

Craig on Gentle
Nothing cuter than a baby bunny rabbit! My wife and I spent some time near the Arenal Volcano in 2005. It was a great ...

Pavan Kaul on Gentle
This is so so sooo very cute....Wonderful capture!

Lesley on Gentle
He's awfully cute, but I sure don't like rabbits. At least not the ones in my yard/garden!!!

Lesley on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
Amazing! Nice capture (Eric's and yours!).

Lesley on We interrupt this broadcast ...
Fun montage!! I love your pool shots.

Lesley on This baby turns on a dime
It almost looks as if he's looking straight at you, as if to be saying, "Hello there, Bookfool. Welcome to my ...

MontereyJohn on Gentle
Perfect ... Saw your comment and thought I'd give you my FB profile

Calusarus on Gentle
A cute one !

Magda on What the heck was that?
It's a mystery....!

Magda on Meerkat - The Casual Pose
hahaha that is the cutest thing ever!

Magda on Quiet moment
Nice moment captured.... The mood is wonderful! P.S. He looks just like my brother! Freaked me out the very first time ...

Magda on This baby turns on a dime
Excellent capture!

Magda on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
hahaha love the story! wouldn't want to be the one holding it though! ;)

Magda on Gentle
Oh my! This is so cute! My older girl is just crazy about bunnies! And this one is adorable.

grouser on Gentle
Have to hand it to you He's hardly big enough to fill a sandwich though.

PD on Gentle
Fantastic shot! really nice lighting/textures

Vachel on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
hahaha nice title and nice shot..

David on Gentle
Very sweet pic. I like the green background, helps the image to be more natural.

Earnest on Gentle
Can't be wild can he? The rabbit I mean... Interesting.

peter on Gentle
so cute! love this gentle portrait : )

MARIANA on Gentle
Excellent shot ! That contrast between these dark hands and little puffy baby is so lovely :))

Judy on Gentle
They must be very gentle people ... yesterday a bee set free and today a baby bunny. Great shot of it. We don't ...

David Nos on Gentle
Wonderful picture!! Felicidades!!

jamesy on Gentle
what a cutie

Linerberry on Gentle
Oh how cute!! A wonderul shot:-)

Eleftheria on Gentle
Hello Bugs Bunny!

Lorraine on Gentle
Oh so so sweet, a little bunny rabbit, I love how you feel the gentleness of the touch, bravo Booky

Earnest on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
Great story and a kind heart!

Earnest on We interrupt this broadcast ...
Excellent montage!

Judy on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
Wow...I can't imagine catching a bee mid-air ... good shot of Eric's catch!

Lorraine on Go in peace (back to Costa Rica)
Isn't that magnificent, you caught, I say Eric, your guide, has the touch ;)

MARIANA on This baby turns on a dime
Beautiful bird ! Great colors in this shot !

Lorraine on We interrupt this broadcast ...
What a neat montage, great shot Booky I love the high five ;)

grouser on We interrupt this broadcast ...
Nice montage, High five particularly good with the abstract pattern of the floats and reflections. Going swimmingly ...

Judy on We interrupt this broadcast ...
Wow, your school has already started ... not till the 24th, here. This is a great collage of happy and healthy young ...

lucid on This baby turns on a dime
Beautiful photo! Gorgeous colours. What a graceful bird, looks like one of the flowers!

Judy on This baby turns on a dime
Stars and more stars ....... what a beautiful capture. I like the ant you caught too!

Joanne on This baby turns on a dime
This one's a gem - rare - and beautiful!

Elora on This baby turns on a dime
wow fantastic capture 5 starts for sure! super well done!

Earnest on This baby turns on a dime
Darn good shot... Colors, bird, and foliage very pleasant to see!

Vachel on This baby turns on a dime
superb action shot and great timing..

Earnest on Quiet moment
Well I suppose that is why they call it waiting... Excellent shot. I was often struck by the kindness and patience of ...

Lorraine on This baby turns on a dime
seriously, this is real? seriously ....magic, thousand starts for you

grouser on This baby turns on a dime
Beautiful motion shot, nice title, Booky O'Snapster

jamesy on This baby turns on a dime
wow 5 stars awesome fantastic and brilliant

Lorraine on Quiet moment
Casablanca has nothing on you....Gosh Booky I love this, what an atmospheric shot, full of mood, I love it!

grouser on Quiet moment
Into the gloom out of the heat? Nice treatment Moody McBookster

Judy on Quiet moment
This is a timeless photo of your new CR friend, Robin ... and yes, a rather different name for that part of the world. ...

jamesy on Quiet moment
cool shot its nice too know that there are other people like me who just get too busy but love the site too much to ...

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